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Methods of Website Advertising That Actually Work  


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I have spent many months trawling the internet looking through hundreds of websites which claim to give you free traffic and quality links to your website. After searching, testing and trailing many of the websites out there I have developed this list in the hope it will benefit others in their advertising campaign. I have spent the money testing them so that you don't have to. I'm only going to mention the websites which showed results by using them. 

This website offers free traffic and website hits. You simply install their app and then you view other members websites to earn credit which, in turn, allow you to spend them on traffic for your website. I have to admit, this method showed instant results and if quick traffic is needed then this is the top method to use. You can also buy minutes very cheaply. It costs just $9 for 60,000 website views. So, if you want lots of visitors without visiting other websites then at just $9 this is the way to go. To visit their website please click the following link Hitleap Traffic Exchange

This website offers a referral system traffic exchange. By sharing your referral link with friends, website guests and in emails you can generate credits which can then be cashed out to buy free advertising on Anoox and their network. They have a growing community of 2 million members and have live discussions and a Q&A section where you can talk about anything. Adding your URL to your profile will also give you a high quality back link for free. Their advertising packages are extremely cheap and are certainly worth their price once you have deducted your AnooX credits. A $50 advertising package can be bought for just $25 and you can have as many banner adverts or text links as you like. A single package purchase will last you a while and again shows instant results. You also can see reports on how well your adverts are performing so you can change and adjust them accordingly. To visit AnooX click the following link AnooX Non-Profit Search Engine and Advertising Network

Backlink Generators
These should be generally avoided due to the quality of links back to your website that they provide. There are one or two exceptions where you actually get "Do-Follow" backlinks on proper websites with decent reputations and domain authority. However, Google frowns upon this method of gaining backlinks and can, if they catch you doing this, ban your website and all of it's pages from being indexed on their search engine. The best service for this would have to be BUT make sure once you have entered your URL that you select the 100 premium backlinks before clicking submit. Don't use this service for the 2500 links as they are damaging to your domain reputation. This service should not be used more than once per week to ensure Google don't catch you out doing it. To generate backlinks now, please click on the following link. Backlinkr - 100 Premium Backlink Generator

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